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The Weyburn General Hospital is located at 201 1st Avenue NE. It serves the community of Weyburn and the surrounding areas with a Public Health  Clinic, Pediatrics, Lifeline, Intensive Care, In-patient Care, Emergency Out-Patient, Day Surgery, Clinics, Specialists and Cardiology Services. For  more information, call 306-842-8400 or visit http://www.suncountry.sk.ca.

 A History of Weyburn's Hospitals

 Information provided by Soo Line Museum, Weyburn, SK

 Weyburn's health care history dates back to 1899, when its first physician, Dr. R.M. Mitchell arrived. Since then, four hospitals have operated in Weyburn.

Weyburn's First Hospitals

Two small private hospitals were operated in Weyburn for a number of years by physicians Dr. Smith and Dr. H.E. Eaglesham. One was located on Second Avenue South, while the other could be found between Souris and Coteau Avenue.

Weyburn General Hospital

Mount Saint Mary's (SignalHill)On May 8, 1913, the town of Weyburn entered into an agreement with the R.M. of Weyburn regarding the financing of the construction of the Weyburn General Hospital. The agreement was signed by J. McTaggart (Mayor) and E.D.Murray (Secretary-Treasurer) for the town of Weyburn, and J.A. Mitchell (Reeve) and W.J. Bullis (Secretary-Treasurer) for the R.M. of Weyburn.

The Weyburn General Hospital was completed and opened in 1913 at a cost of $85,000. It was the first publicly run medical facility in the community and the only hospital from Portal to Regina at the time. It contained a nurses training school from the beginning until 1936. It ceased as a hospital when the Weyburn Union Hospital opened in October 1952. It was sold to the Sisters of the Cross and was operated as Mount Saint Mary's nursing home until 1984. The building was later purchased by the City of Weyburn for an arts centre (Signal Hill).

Weyburn Union Hospital - Now Weyburn General Hospital

Weyburn Union Hospital – Official Opening pic 1952The Weyburn Union Hospital Board began planning for a new hospital at its first meeting on December 19, 1946. Representatives from the City of Weyburn and R.M.'s of Brokenshell, Lomond, Wellington, Weyburn, and village of McTaggart were present.

Construction of the 80-bed facility was completed on October 15, 1952 and officially opened by Premier T.C. Douglas. The cost of the hospital, approximately $625,000, was shared by Provincial and Federal Governments, the City of Weyburn, R.M.'s of Weyburn, Griffin, Brokenshell, Lomond, Wellington, and the villages of Colgate, Goodwater, Griffin, and McTaggart.

The East wing was later constructed and opened on May 12, 1961 at a cost of approximately $439,000. This wing increased the rated capacity to a total of 101 beds, and included a new diagnostic area for Laboratory and Radiology as well as a new Laundry area and Doctor's lounge. In 1971-72, the Laundry area was converted to a Dietary department.

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