Our hospital in Weyburn has provided 65 years of quality health care. However, as health care technologies advance and our communities grow, so does the need for a new hospital. Since 2008, the Weyburn & District Hospital Foundation has been working with various stakeholders including the Sun Country Health Region, Saskatchewan Government, and local governments in pursuit of our vision for a new hospital. The Weyburn & District Hospital Foundation continues to raise funds to improve health care in our region. 

Not only is a new hospital necessary, new medical equipment is required. Better health care does not come simply from a new building and good medical practitioners, but also requires state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment. Thank you for the donations and commitments received to date. These have been for the capital construction of the new hospital. There is still more to do. Equipment must be locally funded. That money needs to be available to order the new equipment when construction of the new hospital begins. There is a long list of required equipment some of which include: Portable Cardiac Monitors (estimated cost $200,000), Ultrasound (estimated cost $150,000), Computer Radiography (estimated cost $900,000), Blood Bank and Hematology Analyzer (estimated cost $150,000) and a Portable Digital X-ray (estimated cost $150,000).

The City of Weyburn implemented a $140 per dwelling unit levy in 2012 with a stated target of $6,000,000. This levy is to be provided as support to the Weyburn Hospital Foundation as part of the Community Contribution for a new hospital in Weyburn. In January 2020, Council passed a motion reducing the levy to $40 per dwelling unit in anticipation of the target of $6,000,000 being attained in 2020. The target of $6,000,000 was attained in March of 2022. 2021 Audited Financial Statements (Page 17, Note 13).

There are many ways to support a new hospital. With every day that passes, we are one more donation, special event, or pledge closer to reaching our goal. We invite you to explore our website and discover how you can be part of "building a healthy future” for current residents, surrounding communities, and generations to come!

If you are interested in being a volunteer for a Foundation event, please contact us at 306-842-2626.

List of Pledges:

City of Weyburn

Cogent Business Consulting

RM of Brokenshell

RM of Cymri

RM of Lomond

RM of Souris Valley

RM of Wellington

RM of Griffin

RM of Weyburn

RM of Scott

Village of Goodwater

Rotary Club of Weyburn

Crescent Point Energy


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